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What is Zoro Compressor

Mechanical Engineer: Enver Oral
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Compressors are used in the sectors such as air conditioning, refrigerator, cold storage, central air conditioning systems (VRF), automotive industry air conditioners, chiller cooling systems etc. In such systems; the internal mechanism of the refrigerant compressor increases the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant fluid by continuously decreasing the volume of the compression section and pumps the fluid raised pressure and temperature to the condenser and the system. Evaporator evaporates at low pressure and condenser condenses at high pressure thanks to this pressure difference.

There are three types of compressors widely used in the heating and cooling sector. These are scroll type, rotary type and piston type compressors. In all three types of compressors, the rotating shaft rotates with the drive from the electric motor, compresses the gas fluid (R410, Freon, NH3 etc.) from a single inlet valve and sends it to the system through the discharge valve and pumps the fluid with increased pressure and temperature to the condenser and system. Evaporator evaporates at low pressure and condenser condenses at high pressure thanks to this pressure difference.

When examining existing systems, it has been found that compressors send desired flow at high speeds due to the low screening volume caused by their own mechanisms. As a result of this process, the suction time is limited. In addition, the narrow suction angle also reduces the performance of compressors as it limits the filling of the reservoir. Because the compressors work at high speed, they increase the volume of sound to increase the environmental disturbance. Their specific mechanisms are high resistance to screening, which leads to an increase in electricity consumption. These three type commonly used compressors have low efficiency, high energy consumption, short life, high noise and low performance. The elimination of the disadvantages of these compressors is the basic philosophy of this study.

The new generation ZORO compressor with the new generation mechanism is outboard, its internal mechanism has a triangular prism shape so that it absorbs the throttle gas rotating at full revolution with more sweeping volume and wide suction angle compared to compressors of the same size as the electric motor drive, THREE TIMING to the system through the discharge valve three times. When we consider this situation, ZORO compressors can easily fill the refrigerant reservoir with a larger suction angle in the same cycle than existing compressors, send the fluid to the system, and also we believe that the new generation mechanism can provide less resistance than the compressors available to the electric motor. Thus, with the new generation ZORO compressor, higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, higher performance, longer life and lower noise with decibel will be targeted than existing compressors.

Technical SpecificationsRotary compressorScroll compressorZoro compressor
Number of suctions and number of presses in a cycle113
Scan volume17 cm317 cm327 cm3
Suction angle180180240
Compression angle180180120
Scanning resistance3F3F1F

Higher Efficiency

Lower Energy Consumption

Longer Life

Lower Decibel

Higher Performance

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